Hello dog lover,

I'm Anthony. I was raised here in Santa Barbara, spent some time traveling around to see other parts of the world, and now live here in Montecito. I learned the dog business as a trainer at Camp Canine, which is our local family business.

I am endlessly blessed to be able to make my living here on these beautiful beaches. This website is dedicated to my customers who continue to entrust their precious dogs to my care and insight. Together we might be solving a serious problem or just building the behaviors they need in a healthy happy pup. I thank you. 

People first. I love my many dogs, but I am about people. A person's life and needs are valued above that of a dog. I am clear about this and this is the way I will handle you and your dog with kindness toward both. 

Living the dog business is not always an easy task. Have you looked inside your dogs mouth lately? You'll see fangs. My first task is always to keep my dogs safe from one another. Then from the hazards of the environment and sometimes, safe from themselves and the silly/serious ways they manage to get themselves into trouble. But with lots of dedication, hard work and some times sleepless nights, the job gets done and all is well.

I was recently accosted by a man in a dog park. My task at that very moment was to guide a small band of kids with their 4 dogs through the perils of dog parkdome. Without any introduction, he demanded to know my credentials. On the spot. It was crazy... but watching the video (yes its all on video) I discovered a freedom I didn't know I had. Like other humans, even yourself possibly, I sometimes doubt my self, my abilities and my worthiness in this life. But on that day, in my clear and vocal agitation I answered with deep honesty. 

I have no credentials, I have no degree and I am not a trained behaviorist! I have not been formally trained as a dog trainer, but I have trained thousands of dogs and their people. Literally too many to count or remember. What I do have to offer you and your dog is my experience, my insight, my caring heart and my results. On these I have built my career. Most people find me one of two ways; referred by a friend or online. Both offer stories of my successes and my trials. My reputation in the community speaks for itself. Please ask around.

If we choose to work together, you and your dog will get the very best care available.
Thank you
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